Launchpad plugin

Users can allocate xGrail to the Launchpad plugin and take advantage of the benefits offered by projects launching on the Camelot Launchpad, as well as partners who may not launch directly through Camelot but may still want to provide benefits to xGrail Launchpad plugin allocators.

These benefits may encompass whitelist spots, discounts, airdrops, and other incentives. Specific details regarding upcoming benefits will be shared in advance of each sale through the launchpad plugin app.

Holding xGRAIL in your wallet won't expose you to benefits; you have to allocate it to the Launchpad plugin

Mechanics of the plugin

  • You will be eligible for benefits from the moment you allocate xGRAIL to the plugin

  • Once you allocate xGRAIL to the Launchpad plugin, a 30-day cooldown timer is triggered, which resets every time you allocate more xGRAIL. During this time, you cannot deallocate your xGRAIL

  • The deallocation of a portion of allocated xGrail does not reset the 30-day cooldown timer

  • The amount of xGRAIL you allocate determines your share of the benefit, so allocating more results in a more significant share

  • If the total amount of xGRAIL allocated to the plugin increases, each user's share will decrease proportionally; this process works in both directions

  • The displayed allocation rate on the interface indicates a minimum, and the final allocation/xGRAIL ratio will often be slightly higher. This is because if someone allocates more xGRAIL than needed to reach the user cap, the excess allocation is redistributed among other xGRAIL allocators

  • A snapshot for each benefit is taken at dates specified on the launchpad plugin app but usually takes place 24 hours before the sale begins

  • Each launch will provide a unique benefit to xGRAIL allocators

pageGet exposed to Launchpad-related benefits

The active allocation ratio is determined using a specific calculation method. To illustrate, consider the example of the WINR

  • For the initial 250 xGRAIL allocations, users will receive a whitelist allocation of $4k per xGRAIL.

  • Once 250 xGRAIL allocations have been made, the allocation ratio will be determined using a formula akin to a fair auction's price discovery: (your allocation / total allocation) * total available whitelist allocation

This means that as more users allocate, the smaller the proportion of allocation each user will receive. Thus, once 250 xGRAILs have been allocated to the Launchpad plugin; the allocation process will operate in both directions

(Note that the figures might vary based on the Launch sale specifics)

To illustrate the calculation of the total share of the allocation, consider this example:

If the allocation spans $1M, a user has allocated 1 xGRAIL, and a total of 500 xGRAIL has been allocated to the plugin, the user will receive 0.2% of the $1M allocation

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