Bridging tokens to Arbitrum

Tokens can be bridged to Arbitrum using a variety of platforms. This guide explains how to utilize the official bridge and various multi-chain bridges. You could also opt for one of the centralized exchanges that support Arbitrum transfers ⬇️

Official Arbitrum Bridge (Ethereum to Arbitrum)

  1. Visit Arbitrum Bridge and connect your wallet. Ensure you're on the Ethereum mainnet. You will see the screen below

2. Input the amount of ETH you want to transfer to Arbitrum and click Move funds to Arbitrum One

3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Despite being executed on layer 1, Arbitrum's lower gas fees will apply

4. After verifying the amount, click on Confirm

5. The transaction will show as pending on the next page

6. Your ETH is now accessible on Arbitrum, ready to be sent and received

Camelot's official partner's multi-chain bridges


  1. Click on Connect Wallet and sign in


  • Select the chain from which you want to send funds and the token you intend to bridge

  • Afterwards, pick the target chain (e.g., Arbitrum) and the desired asset to receive (e.g., ETH). It's advisable to initiate the process by bridging ETH since it's used to pay transaction fees for swaps on Arbitrum

  • Input the amount you'd like to bridge

4. Click on Bridge & Swap

5. Confirm approval in your waller

6. In the following popup, once again Confirm (you must have enough GAS tokens on the network you are bridging from in order to complete the transaction)

7. Within a couple of minutes of confirming the transaction, your funds should appear in your wallet on Arbitrum

Hop Protocol

  1. Click on Connect a Wallet and sign in

  1. Select the asset that you wish to bridge

  2. Select the chain that you wish to transfer funds out of

  3. Select the destination chain

  4. Input the amount that you would like to transfer

  5. Make sure that the amount you will be receiving appears correct

  1. Click on Send and follow the steps in the wallet to process the bridge transaction

(you must have enough GAS tokens on the network you are bridging from in order to complete the transaction)

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