spNFT farming tips

Pools incentivized with xGRAIL and GRAIL emissions function as a separate incentive layer for spNFT positions. If the pair of your spNFT is incentivized, your position will automatically accrue rewards from farming emissions

While exploring the Pools tab (V2 and V3 Vaults respectively), to locate the farm, simply watch for the icon below, positioned next to the pair. This icon pinpoints the pool that is incentivized with x/GRAIL emissions.

  • When you create an spNFT, you automatically receive LP swap fees and farm incentives

  • Farm rewards can be increased with the use of locks and xGRAIL’s yield booster

  • Your staked position can be deposited into the Nitro pool for additional rewards on top of trading fees and farm incentives

  • spNFT = wrapped V2 or V3 AUTO LP

Only the existing APR from farm incentives is increased by the boosts. Time lock and Yield Booster do not affect LP trading fees and Nitro pools APR

Examples of spNFT farming mechanics (V2 or V3 Auto)


  • A user creates a GRAIL/USDC spNFT position

  • The GRAIL/USDC pair is incentivized, enabling the staked position to earn yield from farming emissions

  • The user now earns rewards from the active yield farm and a share of the earned fees from each GRAIL/ETH transaction


  • A user creates an XYZ/USDC spNFT position, but the XYZ/USDC pair is not incentivized

  • The user finds the corresponding XYZ/USDC nitro pool and deposits the position into it

  • The user earns rewards from the Nitro pool and a share of the earned fees from each XYZ/USDC transaction

Example of maximizing spNFT farming

  • A user creates an ETH/USDC spNFT position, the pair is incentivized with emissions by Camelot

  • The user uses a yield booster to increase the spNFT position's existing APR% from farming incentives

  • The user locks his spNFT position for an additional boost to the APR

  • The user deposits his position in an ETH/USDC nitro pool

  • As a result, the user's LP token automatically receives a share of the earned fee from each ETH/USDC transaction, the user's spNFT position earns him boosted yield from farming emissions, additionally user earns rewards from the Nitro pool

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