Tokens can be bridged to XAI using the official Arbitrum bridge.

You will need a fraction of ETH to pay for bridging fees from Arbitrum to XAI

Gas on the XAI chain is paid in $XAI - therefore, we recommend bridging it as the first token so you can process transactions on the XAI chain

Any ERC-20 tokens compatible with Arbitrum can be bridged to XAI - you must input and add the contract address of the token before initiating the bridging process

  1. Visit the Arbitrum Bridge and connect your wallet. Ensure your wallet is set up for Arbitrum. You will see the screen below:

2. Input the amount of XAI (or any other token) you want to transfer to XAI and click Move funds to XAI

3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

5. The transaction will show as pending on the next page

The bridging transfer should take approximately 1 minute, but it may take longer during periods of high traffic

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