What is Camelot Launchpad?

Camelot provides the infrastructure for projects wishing to launch on Arbitrum. Launchpad currently uses the same fairlaunch model that launched Camelot, but projects can customize their approach based on their strategy, such as setting hard cap, whitelisting, etc.

What is the Launchpad plugin?

The launchpad plugin allocators receive advantages when projects are launched through the Camelot launchpad, such as whitelist spots, discounts, airdrops, and other benefits. Additionally, Camelot's partners can also offer benefits to plugin allocators externally To be eligible, a user needs to allocate xGRAIL to the launchpad plugin For further information about the plugin, please follow the provided link

Where can I view upcoming sales on Camelot?

Follow us on Twitter and Discord, as that's where we announce launchpad dates

How can I learn more about the project launching on Camelot?

To learn more about upcoming Launchpad sales, join our Discord or Telegram channels where you will find all the necessary information. Moreover, one of our team members will be more than happy to provide clarity in case of any questions

How is the price of the token offered during the public sale determined?

It depends on the launch model. Detailed information for every sale is available on the sale app page

When can I claim my public sale allocation?

Look for the Claiming process description on the project public sale app page

What tokens do I need to participate in the Camelot public sales?

Accepted payment is specified by the project Team before the sale start date

Is Project XYZ safe?

While we support protocols that use our infrastructure, we do not provide advice or recommendations for teams or tokens totally independent of Camelot

What is FDV?

Fully diluted valuation - refers to the market cap of a project once all its tokens have been released into circulation. It is an estimation of a project's future market capitalization

How to calculate Circ. marketcap?

Circulating market cap = current price x circulating supply

Does the Camelot team audit projects looking to use Launchpad?

Camelot is a permissionless infrastructure designed to support the entire Arbitrum ecosystem - just because a protocol uses Camelot does not mean we have verified or endorsed its security or safety. Camelot makes every effort to filter out bad actors; however, we strongly encourage everyone to do their own research before participating in any of the sales

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