xGRAIL plugins

How can I utilize the xGRAIL tab?
  • Convert GRAIL to xGRAIL
  • Redeem xGRAIL to GRAIL through vesting
  • Allocate xGRAIL to dividends to earn rewards
  • Allocate xGRAIL through yield booster to boost your positions' APR
What are the benefits of yield booster, and how does it work?
You maximize your APR percentage by allocating xGRAIL through the yield booster to a particular staked position. The xGRAIL allocation boost is determined by the number of users allocating to a particular asset. Since you will have to share the boost with others if more users allocate xGRAIL to a particular asset, your APR will be lower as more users allocate xGRAIL to a particular position
How are dividends distributed?
Every week a slice of the transaction fees are distributed through dividends and can be claimed at any moment
Does the epoch (cycle) always consist of 7 days?
In which tokens are the dividends distributed?
It will usually be in ETH/USDC LP tokens (65%) and xGRAIL (35%). Always check on the dividends tab which type of tokens will be distributed in the next cycle as it may change on various occasions