Staking (positions)

How can I view the spNFTs?
spNFTs are staked positions resembling tech aspects rather than a visual aspect. A position is essentially created as an spNFT once it is created, it is a single asset or LP that is transformed into an spNFT
What is the purpose of creating a position with the LP?
When you make an LP from a combined asset you effectively add liquidity to the protocol. By creating a position, you transform it into a staked position (spNFT), which works similarly to staking your positions in yield farms. The staked position can also be locked, managed in various ways, yield boosted using xGRAIL, and deposited into a nitro pool for even greater rewards
Where do I add liquidity and create a staked position?
The liquidity tab is where you add liquidity and create a staked position. A staked position can be also created on 'My positions tab and also after selecting incentivized active farm on the yield farms tab
What’s the difference between a yield-bearing and non-yield-bearing position?
Yield-bearing positions are only the ones that we're incentivizing (the ones that have "farms" on the UI) spNFTs can be leveraged by anyone, and for example directly rewarded through Nitro, which is where non yield-bearing positions will come into play
What’s the difference between stable and volatile pairs?
Stable pairs are made up of stablecoins and will try to maintain the same price, whereas volatile pairs are made up of assets that may fluctuate
When rewards are set to 80% xGRAIL and 20% GRAIL by default in the farms tab, what does that mean?
You will receive 80% of your rewards in xGRAIL and the remaining 20% in GRAIL. Most incentivized pools will share this ratio by default, but you should check the pool before you create a position as the ratio may vary
How can I maximize my position's boost?
Through the combination of locking and yield boosting. It is possible to achieve the highest boost on staked position APR by locking for the longest duration and allocating a sufficient amount of xGRAIL to boost it even more. On top of it, your position can be deposited into a nitro pool, from which you can receive additional rewards as long as the nitro pool pair corresponds to the yield-bearing pair
What should I do with my staked position if I want to withdraw my funds from the protocol?
To access the assets you used to add liquidity, withdraw your staked position, then unbind the LP token