Nitro pools

What is the purpose of nitro pools?
A nitro pool is an incentive for more people to add and/or lock their liquidity
Do Nitro pools boost a staked position in any way?
From a user’s perspective, the process is fairly simple: you stake a staked position into a Nitro Pool and get rewards depending on the share of the total deposits. Users can deposit as many staked positions as they wish to, as long as they meet the requirements
Nitro Pools are fixed-duration pools that act as an additional layer of yield rewards for Camelot’s staked positions. They have been designed so that anyone can freely deploy them, directly from our front end.
How does this + button next to 'incentives' work?
Using this feature, pool deployers and Camelot partners can deposit additional incentives in a permissionless manner Please be aware that it's not possible to retrieve back-deposited incentives!
Can I deposit positions into the nitro pool with an active xGRAIL boost?
Yes, you can deposit a position with an active yield boost, the boost will affect the yields earned from the active farm, but not from nitro pools
Do staked positions in the Nitro pool receive rewards from the active farm and Nitro pool?
The position will receive nitro pool rewards as well as yield rewards from the active farm if the position has yield-bearing properties
Will my rewards be locked if the nitro pool requires a lock?
You can harvest rewards from the nitro pool whenever you want
How do I whitelist a wallet address for a Nitro pool?
It will be up to the Nitro pool's deployer to decide if whitelisting will be required. The deployer will have to manually add your wallet address to the whitelist to allow you to participate in the nitro pool
After I staked my position in the nitro pool, why can't I change management settings?
If your positions are deposited in a nitro pool, most of the position management functions are not available. However, you can still harvest rewards from the active farm, boost and unboost (xGRAIL), and harvest rewards from the nitro pool
Is 'permissionless' regarding Nitro Pools mean that there won't be a community vote on whether the pool will be deployed?
Permissionless means anyone can create it, which is why there are "official" and "community" Nitro pools tabs. Regardless of whether we directly incentivize a pool, users are still allowed to create nitro pools
When I try to deposit a position into the Nitro Pool, it says that the position is incompatible. Why is that?
In order to be able to deposit your position into the nitro pool, your position has to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Lock Duration
  • A minimum end lock
  • Minimal deposit amount
  • In some cases, your address has to be whitelisted if the deployer of the pool chooses this option
A customized external requirement may also be required in some cases