GRAIL and xGRAIL tokens

I would like to obtain GRAIL. How do I do that?
GRAIL can be purchased through the exchange tab or earned through farming after creating a staked position
What is the process for obtaining xGRAIL?
GRAIL can be converted to xGRAIL at a 1:1 ratio under the xGRAIL tab. Also, you can earn xGRAIL from yield-bearing positions on incentivized active farms
What is the value of one xGRAIL?
The xGRAIL value is directly correlated to the GRAIL value. One xGRAIL equals one GRAIL
Does GRAIL have a capped supply?
Yes, the GRAIL will reach its hardcap approximately 3 years after emissions begin In addition to the hardcap set on GRAIL, we also implemented some deflationary mechanisms in order to reduce the total supply
Does xGRAIL have a capped supply?
xGRAIL is "wrapped" GRAIL, it doesn't have its own max supply. It is possible to have as many xGRAILs in circulation as there are GRAILs
Can I swap xGRAIL for any other token?
xGRAIL is not transferable. You can only redeem it to GRAIL
How long does it take for xGRAIL to redeem (vest)?
Minimum duration - 15 days (50% GRAIL output) Maximum duration - 180 days (100% GRAIL output) As your xGRAIL vest, 50% of the amount is automatically staked in the dividends, earning you rewards while the vesting period continues