Boost Yield

Utilize the YieldBooster plugin to allocate your xGRAIL towards a staked position (spNFT), thereby exposing your position to extra rewards derived from farming emissions.

Example of the plugin mechanics

  1. A squire's spNFT position is earning 50% APR from farming emissions

  2. The squire allocates 1 xGRAIL through the yield booster to the spNFT, boosting the position's bonus multiplier to 1.5

  3. The squire's position now earns 75% APR from farming emissions

  4. Knights allocate xGRAIL to the same pair, reducing the user's position bonus multiplier to 1.25

  5. The squire's staked position now earns 62.5% APR from farming emissions

  6. Knights de-allocate xGRAIL from the pair, increasing the squire position bonus multiplier to 1.5 again

  7. The staked position now earns 75% APR from farming emissions once more

Allocation and Deallocation

The following video tutorial will walk you through the process of allocating xGrail to a staked position (spNFT, deallocating, and using Advanced mode.

UI element descriptions

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