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  • Swap tokens

  • Create a staked position (spNFT)

  • Add liquidity V2 / V3


  • Unbind the LP

  • Wrap LPs or single assets into new staked positions (spNFTs)

  • View your positions

  • View yield-bearing pairs (that are incentivized by Camelot)

  • Harvest earned rewards from the active farm

  • Adjust locks on staked positions

  • Boost and unboost staked positions

  • Transfer your position to another wallet address

  • Split staked position

  • Merge staked positions

  • Withdraw from the nitro pool

  • Deposit your staked position (spNFT) into a matching nitro pool

  • Unstake spNFT from the Nitro pool

  • View official and community nitro pools

  • Stake/Unstake your staked position (spNFT)

  • Harvest rewards from the nitro pool


Genesis Pools emissions ceased on the 23rd of May 2023


  • Convert GRAIL to xGRAIL

  • Redeem xGRAIL for GRAIL

  • Allocate xGRAIL to dividends, harvest rewards and deallocate xGRAIL from dividends

  • Yield boost for staked positions

  • Allocate xGRAIL to the Launchpad plugin

Round Table

  • The Round Table pages provide a bespoke space for our partners to showcase their protocol, info, liquidity stats, and social links


  • View past and current public sales

  • Participate in the IDO - public sale

  • Claim allocation


Analytics provides users with real-time information about Camelot's liquidity, transactions, fees, trade volume, and total value by simply entering the pair or token in the search bar and more

The calculator page allows users to simulate the creation of a position before committing real funds to determine the APR of particular pair. Upon choosing the position pair, the user is required to enter the position value. Additionally, time lock, yield boost, and deposit to the corresponding pair nitro pool can be applied. LP trading fees, farming emissions, farm bonus, and nitro APR estimated are displayed separately at the bottom of the calculator

Earnings Dashboard

The earnings dashboard allows users to easily monitor their active positions. Along with active assets, you'll also find projected earnings, positions-related data, and a button for harvesting all your active V2 and Dividends positions

  • Displays general protocol information

  • Displays GRAIL and xGRAIL tokens data

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