Stake spNFT into a Nitro

Nitro auto-staking

When creating a spNFT or V3 AUTO position, If a Nitro pool is available for the pair you intend to provide liquidity for and you want to opt to stake your position in the Nitro pool during position creation, click the ON button next to Nitro auto-staking. Once done, the window below will appear. Simply choose a Nitro pool from there

Stake an spNFT position into a Nitro pool

  1. Upon creating a spNFT position (V2 and V3 auto mode), go to the Positions tab and select your spNFT

2. Locate Stake in Nitro button

  1. Select a matching Nitro pool and proceed with staking

Alternatively, you can look for the Deposit button on the Nitro pool dashboard

Unstake from Nitro

To unstake from the Nitro pool, just go to the Position tab, choose your spNFT, and find the Unstake from Nitro button. Then, follow the instructions provided on the user interface.

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