🌾┃Genesis farms

The Genesis farms are based on our existing Nitro pool reward structure. You can think of them as exclusive farms for early adopters.
Genesis farms are designed to bootstrap the initial liquidity for Camelot before our token goes live and provide the community with an early and attractive opportunity to accumulate xGRAIL.
In some cases, genesis farms will distribute not only xGRAIL, but also incentives from a second token, usually directly provided by a partner protocol.
But even more interesting: when regular farming rewards are live, the genesis stakers will simultaneously cumulate genesis AND farming rewards, making it extra profitable!
Genesis pools will progress according to the following timeline: (5 pm UTC for each stage)
  • Nov 22nd: Genesis pools are published and open to deposits
  • Nov 23rd: Genesis pools rewards start being allocated to depositors (but can't be harvested yet)
  • Dec 2nd: Genesis pools are definitively closed to deposits
  • Dec 7th: Rewards from genesis pools can be harvested
The Genesis farms will go live on Nov 22nd, and deposits will remain open until Dec 2nd — after this point, deposits are no longer possible. Rewards for the genesis farms will begin from Nov 23rd and will be linearly distributed for six months.
You'll be able to see your genesis rewards accumulate from Nov 23rd, but won't be able to harvest them before Dec 7th.

How to participate?

Liquidity must be converted into a staked position (spNFT) before it can be deposited into any Genesis farm. To supply initial liquidity to Camelot and earn rights to six months of xGRAIL emissions, a staked position must be created on:
Be sure to select the "position" tab and add your liquidity. You will now need to go to the Genesis farms page and select the matching pool into which you'll deposit your newly created position:
See the link for detailed instructions on creating position and depositing into Genesis Farm
Depositors will linearly earn emissions in xGRAIL during the six months following the public sale. They can withdraw anytime, at which point their share of the emissions will be redirected to the remaining participants.
In other words, withdrawing from a Genesis farm before its end is entirely possible, meaning that your remaining allocated rewards will be redistributed to the remaining stakers, as in a typical farm.

How to calculate my rewards?

5% of GRAIL's total supply has been allocated for the genesis pool rewards, guaranteeing high-yield returns. However, giving an accurate APR number will be initially impossible since GRAIL won't be priced yet.
Consequently, once live, every genesis farm will have a custom APR calculator allowing users to estimate their expected returns based on an estimated FDV.
Most importantly, once standard liquidity mining emissions go live after the public sale, genesis depositors will be earning both the farming rewards PLUS the genesis farm rewards and any additional bonus from locking their LPs.
To summarize, the genesis farm yields will be additional rewards on top of any base liquidity mining rewards we provide to the pools. This, therefore, enables a significant yield earning opportunity for early users.

Pool offering

The main pools will consist of popular traded pairs on Arbitrum. They will be split between "main" liquidity and launch partner pools that we'll progressively reveal until the effective start of the genesis.