Get started on Camelot

In order to allow anyone unfamiliar with the platform to easily navigate and utilize its capabilities, we felt that it was vital to provide an easy-to-read manual for each of its functions. For those reasons, we have prepared a series of guides. The following pages introduce each feature of Camelot, describe each element, and provide instructions and videos.
On a particular tab of the app, you can access the following utilities:


  • Swap tokens


  • Add liquidity
  • Unbind liquidity
  • Create new staked positions (spNFTs)


  • Create new staked positions (spNFTs)
  • View your staked positions
  • View yield-bearing pairs (that are incentivized by Camelot)
  • Harvest earned rewards from the active farm
  • Adjust locks on staked positions
  • Boost and unboost staked positions
  • Transfer your position to another wallet address
  • Split staked position
  • Merge staked positions


  • View official and community nitro pools
  • Deposit your staked position (spNFT) into a nitro pool
  • Harvest rewards from the nitro pool


  • Convert GRAIL to xGRAIL
  • Redeem xGRAIL for GRAIL
  • Allocate xGRAIL to dividends, harvest rewards and deallocate xGRAIL from dividends
  • Yield boost for staked positions


  • Displays general protocol information
  • Displays GRAIL and xGRAIL token data