Swapping Explained

The swap feature is used when traders want to exchange tokens within trading pairs.

On Camelot, users are charged a trading fee when they make a token swap. Liquidity is provided to the exchange by liquidity providers, who add their tokens to liquidity pools.

Swap modes

  • Aggregator (V3) - This mode utilizes the Paraswap or OpenOcean API and combines both the Camelot V3 and V2 AMMs

  • V2 - This mode exclusively uses the Camelot V2 AMM

How to

Swap tokens

For tokens with a custom transfer TAX, it may be necessary to increase the slippage according to the recommendations from the team behind the token and use only the V2 swap mode

Before initiating the swap, please make sure you are satisfied with the output parameters, such as price impact, minimum received, and rates

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