Auto mode (spNFT)

  1. Select a strategy provider

  1. Select a strategy


  • The wide-range strategy will tend to earn less in fees and rewards but may suffer less impermanent loss in a volatile environment. So while it may have less earning potential, it is likely to suffer fewer drawdowns

  • The narrow-range strategy will tend to earn more in fees and rewards, but may potentially incur greater losses in a highly volatile market. Narrow-range strategies tend to do well when there is less volatility or when there are high fees and rewards


  • ALO strategy is designed to manage both narrow and wide ranges within a single strategy. ALO dynamically allocates liquidity in response to market volatility and fluctuations, aiming for consistent returns and reduced impermanent loss

  1. Input amounts

  1. Approve and Create a position

To proceed with creating a position, start by granting approval. (This is solely necessary for the initial liquidity provision involving a token)

Following approval in your wallet, proceed to click on Create position

  1. Review the provided details

Consider setting a time-lock to boost the APR earned from farming emissions and choosing whether you want to deposit your position into a Nitro pool (if available for the pair of your position) to earn additional rewards

Before you lock your position, ensure that the pair of your position is emitting x/GRAIL emissions before locking it. If there are no emissions being generated for the pair of your position, time-locking won't enhance any APR, even though the user interface will permit you to lock the position. The bonus from time-locking is labelled as Lock bonus APR at the bottom of the window

  1. Nitro auto-staking

If a Nitro pool is available for the pair you intend to provide liquidity for and you want to opt to stake your position in the Nitro pool during position creation, click the ON button next to Nitro auto-staking. Once done, the window below will appear. Simply choose a Nitro pool from there

  1. Create a position

Once you're comfortable with the specified parameters, proceed by clicking the Create position button and confirm the transaction/s in your wallet

  • Your position is now actively contributing liquidity and earning trading fees. Additionally, it accumulates farming emissions (if emitted for your position's pair) and Nitro incentives (if you deposited the position into Nitro during creation)

  • To monitor your positions, click View existing positions after successfully creating a position, or navigate to the Earn tab, choose Positions and select spNFTs

  • Note that trading fees auto-compound within the LP. When you withdraw the LP, you will receive the initially paired assets along with earned trading fees

  • To harvest farming emissions and Nitro incentives, simply click the Harvest button on the position management panel 🔽

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