Launchpad plugin

The xGRAIL launchpad plugin offers an opportunity to benefit from the advantages provided by projects launching through the Camelot launchpad. These benefits can include white list spots, discounts, airdrops, and more. The specific advantages will be clarified in advance before each sale
By allocating xGRAIL to the plugin, you gain exposure to these perks. The more xGRAIL you allocate, the greater your share of the benefits.
Please note that once you allocate xGRAIL to the Launchpad plugin, a 30-day cooldown timer is triggered. During this time, you cannot deallocate your xGRAIL. Any new allocation will reset the timer
The active allocation ratio is determined using a specific calculation method. To provide an example, we'll use the JustBet sale, although the amounts may differ depending on the specific sale: For the first 250 xGRAIL allocated, users will receive a white list allocation of $4k per xGRAIL. After 250 xGRAIL are allocated, the allocation ratio will be calculated based on a similar to fair auction's price discovery formula: (your allocation / total allocation) * total available white list allocation In other words, once 250 xGRAIL has been allocated to the Launchpad plugin, the more users who allocate, the smaller the share of allocation each user will receive. The process works both ways
To calculate the total share of the allocation, here is an example: if the allocation is spread over $1 million, a user has allocated 10 xGRAIL, and a total of 500 xGRAIL has been allocated to the plugin, the user will receive 0.2% of the $1 million allocation
If you want to learn more about how the launchpad works, you can refer to the guide below