Position management and locks

What are the benefits of locking my position?
By locking a yield-bearing position you will get bonus rewards according to the duration of the lock. Every incentivized pair has its own configuration in that regard
Am I also locked out of my rewards if my position is locked?
There is no lock on your rewards, so you can harvest them whenever you want
Is it possible to renew my locked position at any time?
Yes, the only constraint is that you must renew it for at least the same duration of days that are left on any existing lock
Using the transfer function, can I send my position to another person's address?
Yes, once you send your position to another address, that address will become the owner of the position
What is the split function's purpose?
Whenever you want, you can split the position. Splitting a position keeps the original settings, such as lock duration
Why can I lock my position for longer than six months, as that already gives me 100% which is the maximum?
The max lock bonus is 6 months, but that doesn't mean that other protocols might not want to incentivize longer locks
What is the purpose of transforming a single asset into a staked position when there are no active farms to earn yield from?
Depending on the Nitro pool, only single asset spNFT may need to be staked