Exchange and Liquidity

Why does the frontend exchange page not let me set the amount in the lower 'to' box?
Stable logic prevents us from doing the calculation in that direction
I added liquidity, what should I do next to earn yield?
The next step is to convert your LP token into a staked position. It can either be done in the 'liquidity, 'my positions' or the 'yield farm' tabs after choosing the incentivized pair of your choice
If I provide ETH-USDC liquidity, will I receive an spNFT as my share of the ETH-USDC pool?
Providing liquidity and creating a position are two different things. After you add liquidity you have to create a position using that LP
What is the process for withdrawing my liquidity?
The LP tokens will appear under the liquidity tab (Your LP tokens) (if you created a new position using the LP token, you must withdraw your position first)